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December 29, 2010
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RoA :: Arak Reference Sheet by crystalleung7 RoA :: Arak Reference Sheet by crystalleung7
Hello :D this is a reference sheet for an OCT (original character tournament) I'm joining :iconrace-of-aleria:

:B basically its a contest thingy where we all design our own characters and fight other people's characters to reach a goal that would be set by the ones organizing the OCT. It's really fun : D i suggest you try out one of these XDD btw I joined so that I could practice my comic skillz before I start on creating my actual comic :D would love some practice right? :D

This is part one of my audition and part two would be the comic. Watch as I fail epicly at the audtion XD


Name: Arak
Age: 17 human / real age unknown
Gender: Male :> look there's his manly part
Species: unknown/unidentified B)
Height: D8 I'm bad at heights.. ur.. there's a little diagram there.. with a stick person as human :D if anyone could tell me about how tall Arak is thank you so much! 4'8'' thank you :iconsnowthewolf:!
Arak is a smart canine/feline/beast thing. He's one that likes to kill others to show how strong he've gotten. He's merciless and way too smart. And his smartness caused some of his downfalls. He hates losing fights and likes to grow stronger. He's only too care free to spread a little more blood in fights. His mocking smile and piercing words are usually the trigger that starts most fights.

- Hypnotism : Yes, yes he can hypnotize people. Sad to say though his hypnotizing skills aren't that great, so those with strong will power could easily break his hold. Which also means he never uses this power. And if he did, it'll be just for bluffing :P. The victims would first feel frozen when they stare at his purple glowing eyes, and Arak would use clever sounding words to MAKE it seem like they are under his hypnotism but actually 99% of the time the hypnotism wears off after you feel that second of 'frozen'ness. Just up to the victims to see if they figured it out fast enough or not :P

- Purple fire : I couldn't come up with a better name for it XD so Purple Fire it is. Purple Fire would actually be his main ability, since Hypnotism rarely works the purple fire he controls would usually float around his body (as shown on tail). When he's really into a fight the purple fire would engulf his whole body, glowing like his eyes when he hypnotizes people. So he'll become a huge glowing mass of purple and not just flying wisps of purple fire. Two different things. When coated with purple fire he's attacks and defense is doubling its like body armor. He can also fire his purple fire like a solar beam.(shown on the left) But it's different than solar beams in a way. It's actually purple fire compressed into a tight ball of power then released in a straight line. When it comes in contact with anything it'll cause an explosion with a radius of 1 meter.

:bulletgreen: Smart, sometimes when fighting he would put his intelligence into good use, planning lots of field tactics that usually helps him win the 'game'
:bulletgreen: Strong, he's been training all his life trying to get stronger and better every single second, his strength is one to be wary of
:bulletgreen: Close range fighting, If he gets into close range you might as well be a dead dog
:bulletgreen: Purple Fire, can shapeshift into anything Arak wants!
:bulletgreen: Long Tail, great for balancing and hanging onto things, also the best annoy tool on Arak. Face slappers oh yea~

:bulletred: Intelligence, sometimes being too smart can cause him to overestimate or underestimate an opponent, causing miscalculations etc. Sometimes having the brains does not mean you're wise :D
:bulletred: Long range fighting, he's a close range fighter since he rarely uses his long range skill solar beam, long range fighters would give Arak a hard time to land blows
:bulletred: Arrogant and Naive, because of many victorious battles he'd won in the past he can be a bit arrogant at times
:bulletred: Speed, he may be the one who can deal the strongest blows but his speed is greatly lacking. Those who are speedy will always have an advantage
:bulletred: Electricity, he's ALLERGIC to eletricity. Electric attacks would harm him real bad.
:bulletred: Solar Beam thing, When he releases it he needs to wait until the line of purple compressed power is completely out, usually paralyzing him in the same position for a minute or two which GIVES a lot of time to flip him upside down and land blows. He cannot move his head when he fires the solar beam, so if the victim dodges it, it'll have a great opportunity to slash him while he's still firing that thing.

Another thing, it takes 30 secs to gather enough power to release his solar beam so if you can somehow stop him yay :D Oh you can also slam his jaw shut then he'll be eating his own compressed power and it'll kinda explode inside of him harming him a bit. Oh, he can move when he's charging the solar beam to prevent you from slamming his jaws so yea :D

He can only fire his solar beam ONCE. Because his solar beam is made from his own compressed purple fire, it takes A LOT of purple fire to make a successful shot without interruptions. Therefore after one shot he'll be drained of purple fire, unable to use purple fire anymore for at least a day and a half. (which could affect him to the next round ;P) Explosion radius is one meter
:bulletred: Purple Fire, has the choice of just covering one part of his body. Like shown in the picture above, Arak chose that the purple power should only wave around his tail. As written above Arak underestimates his opponents most of the time and when he's not too interested in a fight (when he underestimates his opponents) the purple fire would only flying around like little will-o-wisps on certain parts of his body only. Mostly tail or fore paws, therefore showing many parts of his body that would be vulnerable to attacks without the purple fire shielding him.

When he's into a fight the purple fire usually coats his paws turning from wisps into glowing substances, then his strength on his paws would double. He rarely coats his whole body with purple fire, 1. It looks ugly. 2. UNDERESTIMATION OF OTHERS

Purple fire does not have a mind of its own, so it would not SUDDENLY shield Arak from a sudden volley of attacks from the back. Without his command the purple fire would just float around him harmless.
:bulletred: Momentum, Arak is strong, and his blows would REALLY hurt with or without being coated with purple fire. But to make his blows land hard he usually need a big space, big enough for his arms to swing back to bring back enough momentum to swipe at his enemy. So if you manage to coax him into a tight spot his arms would be useless. This would be the only time he'll use his Solar beam.

Also, because his paws are swinging towards his opponents with lots of momentum, if you dodge it and he misses he'll be swung forward by his momentum usually falling face flat on the ground. He hadn't learned how to stop his attacks mid-way so yea.
:bulletred: Tail, his tail is composed with many different muscles making it very flexible and strong. He uses his tail to balance and hang on to things. And because there are lots of muscles, many more than his body, there would be tons more of nerves in there too. Therefore Arak would take great care of his tail. But if you manage to get hold of it, bite it, attack it, or even pinch it (he can feel even the slightest touch, his tail i mean) he'll be paralyzed in pain, time? Depending on how hard you hit it. For example. Pinch = 10-15 secs, Bite/Attack/ Harm it 10-20 MINUTES. When his tail is paralyzed in pain, Arak's speed that is ALREADY very slow would slow down even more. He'll be in so much pain he won't be able to move around a lot.
:bulletred: Hearing, he has big ears no? But too bad it's full of fur. His sight is tons better than his ears, and he relies on his sight more than his ears as his hearing is no better than human ears. Cover his sight and he is literally blinded. He won't be able to attack.
:bulletred: Bangs, his bangs leans on his right side of his face and covers his right eye, so that would be his blind side. His reactions on his right side would be a fraction slower than his left. But beware, don't make your actions of trying to get into his blind side too obvious, because once he notices what you're doing he'll be leaping back every time to put you within his sight.

Arak was born in a small den left alone by his parents so he never really found out what kind of animal/beast he is. He had found his powers at the age of 6 when he was out hunting and missed his 6th rabbit. His annoyance with the rabbits had triggered an outburst of rage, causing him to release a solar beam bomb at the rabbit. It of course, blew the rabbit to smitheries and scared the living day lights out of Arak. But soon Arak got used to his power and he craved for more and more. He'll do anything to become the strongest beast.

Winning, duh I think we pretty much know that now :3
Talking in riddles
Power, another DUH
Death and Blood

Losing, DUH
Those who underestimates his power, which usually gets pwned by him because they underestimate this little 'furry' beast
Kind actions and feelings
Weaklings = Noobs

Interesting other tibits:
His markings are symmetrical on both sides except for the paws
the tail might look hard to draw but it's actually very easy, it's just stripes :D
there's a piercing on his left ear and a bead hanging on his left cheek hair things XD

Bah I think that's it :D yay~

oh yes. Arak BELONGS to ME ONLY :D
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tatsu-okami Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Would you like to do an RP where he meets my character Shadow? :meow:
crystalleung7 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011  Student General Artist
:< i'm sorry But i don't think I have the time to rp with him... + he's an OC for an OCT... o3o''
Tigersaurusrex Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so excited for this round! :3 Just a quick question, because this is vital to my plot line, and I want to make sure I have it 100% right. His purple fire gives off light like normal fire, correct?
crystalleung7 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Student General Artist
yes it gives off faint light in the caves, but it owns not the same properties of fire. It won't burn or scorch flesh, but it melts wax and stuff.

Usually only used to mold into things, shapeshift into stuff yar and for defensive and attacking.

Arak can change the property of the purple fire, so normally it would be harmless without his command, but he can shapeshift it into a sword/dagger/etc and change it's property to iron hard, sharpness then the purple fire would be able to pierce through flesh.

Or change it to a defensive property to create a temporary purple fire shield.

BUT again. He Rarely does that. He usually just attack with his claws, or teeth, and when pressured, he would coat Purple fire over his paws to double his attack strength. and yaaarr <3

any more? :>
Tigersaurusrex Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:) Thank you. That helps a lot. That's the only question I have for now, but I'm sure I'll think of more once I actually get into the battle scene. :3
theethe Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Awesome character! =)
crystalleung7 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Student General Artist
thank you X'3
xDeadpuffx Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Cool and cute! :D
crystalleung7 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Student General Artist
Arak would kill you if you said cute in front of his face
let's hide that fact from him yar? :iconteheplz: we lie okai?

XDD thankyou!
xDeadpuffx Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Student Digital Artist
So would Majii (ie; my entrant)
Yesh we will lie xD
I like the way you drew the fire :0
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